Memorable events by

an unforgettable chef

With Café Spice Namasté Events, Chef Patron Cyrus Todiwala channels his reputation as one of the UK’s most talented and popular chefs into the delivery of world-class events.


Under his leadership, expert teams will work closely with you to create bespoke menus for private parties, corporate events and even banquets fit for a Queen! Indeed, Cyrus Todiwala created and executed the 1st Diamond Jubilee luncheon for HM the Queen in 2012. We have also catered in castles, and even on the high seas!


We are experts in North Indian, Goan, Parsee and Keralan cuisines, and our dishes reflect our passion for sustainably sourced, seasonal ingredients and our commitment to the livelihoods of local farmers. And we cook with only the best first-pressed rapeseed oil; make inventive use of rare cuts of meat and lay great emphasis on using in-season British vegetable varieties.


So whether it is an intimate dinner for two, complete with wines to match, or a luncheon or dinner for up to 250; be it a wedding, christening or any other ceremonial event, Café Spice Namasté Events is here for you.


We can also supply an entire package with cutlery, crockery,

linen, glassware, tables, flowers and photography.


We invite you to work with Cyrus and Café Spice Namasté Events as we endeavor to transform your special occasions into tantalising, unforgettable events.


Talk to us - The number to call is 02074889242 and ask for Manpreet or Binay; or else email us your requirements today on info@cafespice.co.uk


cyrus todiwala
cyrus todiwala


We know you are a Gourmand with a refined palate and you are a true foodie. And at Café Spice Namasté food is not only our passion, it is our core focus. That is why you should look no further than Café Spice Namasté for your event. And if that isn’t assurance enough, here are further reasons why you would feel inclined to choose us.

We are quality conscious

We cook using the finest quality ingredients. Our Lamb, Mutton and Goat is raised organically and is always 100% British. The same

goes for the Scottish Salmon and Beef too. The Pork we use is from the finest farms in the UK and we promote the unique British Lop pig. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and are fair-trade where possible.

We also care for our guests health and well being

This is why we cook using only the purest cold pressed Rapeseed oil, which is scientifically proven to have less unhealthy saturated fats and oils. It is a rich source of Vitamin E and a natural anti-oxidant too! Additionally, we actively promote using salt sparingly. Since too much Sodium in the salt is known to increase Blood Pressure, we use a salt that has 60% less sodium. In fact, we became the first Indian restaurant in the UK to sign up to the Government’s low salt pledge. So even when you indulge in our food, you can be sure that your health and wellness has been very carefully thought about.

You can taste India with us

Being of Indian origin, we endeavour to cook as many regional Indian foods and styles. Our chefs are experts not only the more well known cooking styles (North Indian, Avadhi, Lucknowi, Punjabi, South Indian and Bengali), we are also able to offer some less known cuisines of India that deserve equal prominence, for example Parsee, Goan, Maharashtrian and Rajasthani styles.

We also able to offer Multiple International cuisines

Our chefs have worked in the best Hotels, Restaurants and Food service business across the globe; and so we are equally proficient in cooking various other cuisines – Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Phillipino, French, and we do Fusion food too!


We can cater at a range of venues

We have executed events in Royal Palaces, Hotels, Banqueting venues, Corporate offices, Private Yachts and Ships, in Marquees, at Food Festivals and even in the comfort of your own homes! And if this is not impressive enough, we do events at our own home – Café Spice Namasté too!

We are able to offer a complete range of services

Sometimes known as event management services. Depending on your needs, we can provide full service and service teams, crockery, cutlery, glassware, linen, drinks, tables and chairs, marquees, AV equipment, flower arrangements, photography and much more. We can also provide entertainment.

And may we add, that while doing all this, we care for our environment dearly. Not only do we source locally, thereby reducing our carbon footprint, we also reuse and recycle passionately. The used oil gets collected to be converted into bio-diesel.

We give the plastic crates, tubs and packaging boxes back to our suppliers so it lowers their cost. We are careful in disposing fluids through our drains so that it doesn’t adversely impact the marine environs.


Last, but not the least, our service is attentive,

friendly and professional too!

Mr Todiwala in the City Sept 2018 FINAL_