• Tasting Menu
    Relax and let us do all the hard work – including the ordering! This menu is for everyone at the table. It is the perfect way to enjoy the cuisine and allows you to share and enjoy all the dishes together. All you need to do is let us know of any allergies or dislikes and enjoy at least eight courses including dessert. Complete Vegetarian/Vegan option is available on request.
  • Papads / Chutneys / Pickles (VEGAN)
    Home-made chutneys and pickle served with a selection of papads. Allergen. Mustard
  • Pao Com Batata Grain De Cebola
    Potato & onion seed sourdough. Served with olive oil & balsamic. Allergen. Gluten
  • Halloumi Shaslik (VEG)
    Classic tandoor marinated halloumi, grilled with cubes of onion and peppers. Allergens. Dairy, Mustard
  • Leeli Chutney Ma Trout
    Grilled chalk stream Trout, marinated in Grandma Todiwala’s favourite green chutney.
    Our signature samosa, served topped with chutneys and chickpeas vermicelli. Allergen. Dairy Gluten & Mustard
  • Dosa (VEG, VEGAN)
    Classic South Indian rice and lentil pancake filled with crushed potato. Allergen. Mustard
  • Lamb Samosa
    Typically Keralan in it’s construction, this is a samosa to remember. Allergen. Gluten
  • Venison Tikka Aflatoon
    Grilled Venison haunch fillet, marinated in trio of anise and zest of lime and orange. Allergen. Dairy
  • Batatas Murros
    Crushed potatoes part roasted & fried, drizzled with a mixed herbs dressing. Allergen. Sesame

Sorry, no menu items matched your criteria.

  • Peppered Beef Tikka
    Fillet of aged Scotch Beef marinated in a masala with crushed red chilli and black pepper grilled to medium rare.
  • Green Papaya & Mango Salad (VEGAN)
    Shredded green papaya and mango with a twist of tamarind and chilli.
  • Smoked Cured Duck Breast In Soy Ginger And Honey
    Cured & smoked breast of barbary duck in spices and soy. Allergen. Soy, Gluten & Shellfish (can be avoided)
  • Garlic Chilli & Ginger Prawn Balls
    Fritters chopped King prawns with minced garlic, chilli and ginger, tossed in a Indo-Chinese hot garlic sauce. Allergens. Crustacean & Gluten in Soy
  • Roast Chicken Cafreal Zambeziana
    Garlic and fresh herb marinated chicken roasted and served on pressed potatoes, drizzled with herbed dressing. Allergen. Mustard in dressing (can be avoided)
  • Ginger Seasoned Lamb Cutlet (by the piece)
    Prime Lamb cutlet marinated in ginger extract and spices. Allergen. Gluten, Mustard & Dairy
  • Five Cheese Chilli Toast (VEG)
    A Bombay favourite made using five different cheeses and a splash of heat. Allergens. Dairy Gluten & Mustard
  • Mr Todiwala’s Parsee Lamb Dhaansaak
    The Classic Parsee Sunday lunch, lamb cooked with pureed lentils & vegetables. Served with caramelised onion, rice, spiced meat ball and red onion salad. Allergens. Mustard & Dairy
    Masala roasted shank of lamb simmered in a tomato based sauce, flavoured with whole spices. Served with palav rice. Allergens. Mustard

Breads & Rice

  • Chilli Cheese Naan
    Naan filled with a combination of five cheeses, blended with fresh green chilli. Allergens. Gluten, Dairy & Egg
  • Peshawari Naan
    Naan filled with ground coconut, almonds, sultanas. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and poppy seeds. Allergens. Gluten, Dairy, Nuts & Egg
  • Kerala Paratha (VEG)
    Unleavened flaky flat bread. Allergens. Gluten and egg
  • Caramelised Onion Rice
    Flavoured with star anise and black cardamom.
  • South Indian Unpolished Red Rice
  • Palav
    Slow oven cooked basmati rice flavoured with whole spices.
  • Sada Chawal
    Steamed basmati rice.

Sweet things

  • Bebinca
    Multi-layered Portuguese inspired Goan coconut pancake warmed and served with Vanilla Ice-cream. Allergen. Gluten, Dairy & Egg
  • Bombay Creme Caramel
    Caramel Pudding flavoured with cardamom & nutmeg. Allergen. Dairy & Egg
  • Zafrani Creme Brulee
    Creme brûlée flavoured with saffron, ginger and cardamom. Allergen. Dairy & Egg
  • Kulfis
    Indian iced-creams made in house. Allergens. Dairy & Nuts. Choose From: Pistachio / Rose & Cardamom / Toasted Almond & Hazelnut
  • Sorbets by the scoop (VEGAN)
    Choose From: Mango / Passion Fruit
  • Ice creams by the scoop
    The Parsee Apricot Toffee Caramel £3 / Belgian Chocolate £2 / Gold Vanilla £2 / Strawberry £2. Allergen. Dairy
    by the scoop