Enjoy a Taste of Café Spice Namasté!

 Café Spice Namasté welcome you once again into our beautiful Grade II listed building in East London where chef Cyrus Todiwala have handpicked an array of delicately spiced Indian and Parsee favourites for you to enjoy. We pride ourselves in supporting the use of Sustainable & Ethically sourced produce from all over the United Kingdom. Our produce showcases some of the best of what this small but great country has to offer.


FRIED OR ROASTED PAPAD                             £1
KALE & ONION BHAJIA                                      £6

Small fritters of thinly sliced shallots & shredded kale in chickpea batter, flavoured with carom seed and coriander.

DAHI SAEV CHANA POORI                                £6

Crisp puffed poories filled with crushed potato and chickpeas, topped with spiced yoghurt, fresh green chutney, tamarind & date sauce and sprinkled with chickpea vermicelli.

BEETROOT & COCONUT SAMOSA                £6

A South Indian style filling of diced beetroot blended with diced potato, tossed with freshly grated coconut and sizzled with mustard seeds, curry leaves, cumin and chilli.

HAGGIS SAMOSA CHAAT                                £8

Curried Macsweens haggis filled in pastry fried, crushed lightly and served-drizzled with spiced yoghurt and tamarind-date chutney.

MASALA DOSA                                                     £8

Crisp white lentil and rice pancake filled with a traditional potato bhaji. Served with sambaar (vegetable pot pourri with lentils).

FRANKIE LAMB DOSA                                       £9

Crisp white lentil & rice pancake filled with diced organic Lamb cooked in a rich spiced Bombay style, yoghurt based sauce. Served with sambaar (vegetable pot pourri with lentils).

STARTER PLATTER FOR TWO                     £24

A selection of our personal favourites comprising of 9 different items.

(2pcs of each

NAANZA MAHARAJA                                           £8

Naan topped with chopped chicken tikka, sprinkled with chilli, cheese, garlic and fresh coriander then baked.


PANEER TIKKA                                                    £7 / £13

Cubes of Whey cheese marinated in tandoori masala and chargrilled.

CHICKEN TIKKA                                                £8 / £15

Cubes of chicken marinated in traditional tandoori masala and chargrilled.


Chargrilled Chicken thighs marinated in typical Goan style in piri-piri masala puréed in palm Vinegar.

TANDOORI LAMB CHOPS                             £10 /£19

Lamb cutlets marinated with red chilli, cumin, coriander and ginger. Skewered and chargrilled.

GOOSNARGH DUCK SAUSAGE             £9 /£17

Duck Sausages prepared in Goosnargh using our special spice blend, chargrilled, and served on a bed of Keralan potato mash.

DUCK TIKKA                                              £10 /£19

Barbary duck, marinated in tandoori masala and chargrilled.

PIMENTA A LA GOA                                  £12 /£23

Chargrilled chunks of Buccleuch Beef Fillet STEAK served with a Goan style hot Crushed Black Peppered sauce.

CHUTNEY SALMON                                   £10 /£19

Fillet of Organic Salmon marinated in Parsee style fresh green chutney, skewered and chargrilled in the tandoor.


BOMBAY STYLE FRIED FISH                                                        £18

Fillet of white fish marinated lightly with chilli, garlic, turmeric and lime juice, crumb-fried and served on a bed of Goan curry sauce. Due to us using only sustainably caught fish, we cannot fix the name of the fish.

GOAN PRAWN CURRY                                                                      £18

Sustainably sourced king prawns simmered in classic Goan coconut curry flavoured with curry leaves and butternut berries.

BUTTER CHICKEN                                                                            £16

Chargrilled chicken tikka simmered in a rich tomato & roasted cashew nut sauce. Also known as Chicken Tikka Makhani.

COXA DE FRANGO BRANCAE                                                       £16

Goan/ Portuguese style chicken thigh Korma. This classic Goan style white Korma is made with a mixture of spices but still mild and full of amazing avours brought by the marriage of cashew nuts and coconut

LAMB DHAANSAAK                                                                           £21

We are delighted to offer you this all-time classic lamb dish, prepared in an authentic Parsee style. Dhaansaak is composed of two words “Dhaan” 
meaning rice and “Saak” meaning the puréed spiced lentils & vegetable combination cooked with lamb. Served with meatball, onion salad & caramelised onion rice as it should be.


Spiced and roasted collar of British Lop simmered in Goan Vindaloo sauce.

LAMB SHANK KOLHAPURI                                                            £21

Lamb shank cooked in Rajasthani style,Kolhapuri sauce, a rich combination of ground toasted red chilies, peppercorns, coriander seeds and slow roasted dried coconut

THE VEGETARIAN THALI                                                               £24

A vegetarian meal, comprised of three vegetable preparations, plus lentils, rice, roti, raita, a piece of street food snack.

THE NON-VEGETARIAN THALI                                                   £27

A complete main course. This platter consists of one meat, one chicken, one prawn dish, one vegetable, plus lentils, steamed rice, naan, raita and a piece of street food snack.


Relax and let us do all the hard work – including the ordering! Your meal begins with Papads, home-made chutneys and pickles, a selection of six different starter items in the first two courses, our soup of the day as an intermediary course, followed by three non-vegetarian main dishes plus a vegetable and daal, along with naan and rice, followed by a selection of our desserts.


TADKA DAL                                                         £8

Yellow, pink lentils & split moong cooked and sizzled with chopped garlic & cumin.

PALAK PANEER                                                  £8

Partly pureed & partly chopped spinach cooked with diced Indian whey cheese.

VEGETABLE KOFTA MAKHANI                  £9

Mixed vegetables and potato croquette, filled with spiced whey cheese and simmered in a creamy tomato sauce with pureed roasted cashew nuts and flavoured with crumbled fenugreek leaves and cardamom.

POTATO BHAJI                                                   £8

A lightly spiced bhaji made with English Heritage potatoes.

KOZHUMBU                                                         £9

Fritters of split yellow peas and shredded spinach simmered in a

coconut-based curry

BAINGAN BHURTA                                            £9

Smoked & Chargrilled aubergine peeled chopped fine & cooked with shallots, spices & pulped tomato.

CHICKPEAS MASALA                                       £8

Chickpeas tossed in a special Masala with crushed pomegranate

seeds and sun-dried raw mango powder.


PLAIN NAAN                                                         £4
CHAPPATI                                                             £4
TANDOORI ROTI                                               £4
CHILLI CHEESE                                                 £5
MASALAEDAR NAAN                                        £5

Naan with chopped chilli, nigella seeds, sesame seeds,

poppy seeds, chopped garlic, chopped nuts, fresh coriander.

STEAMED RICE                                                  £4

SAFFRON RICE                                                   £5

DHAANSAAK RICE                                            £5

Rice flavoured with star anise and black cardamom cooked with caramelised onion to give it the traditional brown colour.

An optional12.5% service charge will be added to your bill. Price includes VAT. Please inform us when ordering

if you have any allergies or dietary requirements